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2012 Congress: Mohale Dam

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View from the summit of Blue Mountain Pass looking down at Mohale Dam


Mohale Lodge – Hotel section and conference venue


Dramatic view of the dam from the conference venue


The hillside opposite Mohale Lodge, showing a school and terraced fields


A view of Mohale dam at sunrise


The room where the conference will be held


Map of Lesotho


Map of a portion of Lesotho showing the capital Maseru in the west, and Mohale dam in the mountains in the east


A rural village next to Mohale Lodge


Terraced fields and mountains in the vicinity of Mohale dam


At the summit of Blue Mountain Pass, the highest point in the journey from Maseru to Mohale Lodge


At the summit of God Help Me Pass, one of three spectacular mountain passes on the route between Maseru and Mohale Lodge.